Friday, August 31, 2012

First Friday Progress Photos

I am currently working on the cutest Owl growth chart for my little girl. I was gifted the matching Birth Announcement by one of my crafty friends, and when I saw that there was a companion piece I broke my rule of finishing one project before buying another (although the more I think about it, I did finish that one before I bought this one ;)  ). The growth chart was perfect because I was getting a little sad thinking of how we won't have a spot on the wall where most Americans like to mark and track the growth of their children since we move so often, and then BAM this project fell into my lap!

Here is what the finished piece is supposed to look like. It is titled "Owl Growth Chart" by Dimensions.  Check out the Dimensions Website!

And here is the progress of where I am now on this project. It feels like I am getting closer to being finished! Too bad my little girl is about to turn 6 months old, but I definitely don't have as much time to stitch as I used to...

I started this project on June 13, 2012 and here are some photos of its progression.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hello out there! I can't believe I am finally starting this blog. Crafting is my passion (after my husband and sweet little baby girl). Since I am now home with my daughter I have stumbled onto all of the AMAZING cross stitch and craft blogs out there and figured I would start one of my own. This should hopefully help me stay interested in finishing projects, since I have a bad habit of losing interest when something is almost 95% done especially with my Cross stitch projects.

My name is "Lulu" and I am a craftaholic. I love to do almost all types of arts and crafts minus knitting. Lately my main focus has been on cross stitch with a side of card making and a dash of quilting (I was completely inspired by all of my African fabrics). But I finally got my own Cricut machine after wanting one since they first came out, so I think that Scrapbooking and Card Making are about to take over.

I currently live in Oslo, Norway land of the Vikings but I have also had the opportunity to live and craft in Africa and my original home in Michigan, USA. So far I am lucky enough to have visited 4 out of the 7 Continents (North America, Africa, Europe, Asia)which gave me the idea for this blog title. Our dream is that we get to live on 6/7 Continets before we retire!

Please follow me if you are a fellow crafter or interested in world travel.

Here is a glimpse of my amazing view of the Oslo Fjord and the Oscarshall castle just after our arrival in Winter 2011.