Sunday, April 5, 2015

April YOTA Page Finish!

Hello fellow stitchers!  I'm back and only one day late for my Year of the Acronym (YOTA) challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread.  This month I was desperately trying to finish my page of HAED's Mom and Baby Turtle by Annya Kai.

Did I do it?

Here's how much was done last month...


Here's the finished page!  This last part was pretty much all confetti stitching which I didn't mind too much because the visual effect is amazing.

Here's a closeup of just the page I was working on...

And this next photo shows you how much I have completed and how much I have left to go on this design.

As much as I am loving stitching this piece and am so temped to start the next page and finish the top of the Mama turtle's shell, I am putting her away. Stay tuned for next month where I'll show you my progress on Vermeer's Girl With A Pearl Earring.

Until then...happy stitching!