Saturday, June 21, 2014

Life is Good!

Hello everyone!  Life has been very good lately for me but it is also the name of my newest project kit from Dimensions.  I got this for mother's day from my wonderful husband and children and it was the very first mail I received in Kathmandu!

After diligently plugging away at Girl with a pearl I needed to work on something smaller and more colorful so this kit was the way to go. Plus even though I have been reunited with all of my stash and WIPs my startitis was kicking in so bad...

Anyways here is what this "beginners" kit is supposed to look like.

Here is how far I was after a few days of stitching.  I tried to focus on the yellowish green of the field because that is one of my least favorite colors. 

This chart has three language options and I went back and forth between the English and French before I made my final decision.  Also here is more of the wine bottle completed.

Here is where I am now.  I'm getting so close to finishing it!  I just have to do some more backstitch and finish the blue clouds and it will be all done hopefully in a few days :)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

We landed in our new home..Nepal!

Yes we landed safely in Kathmandu, Nepal after only one missed flight and a few near misses and over 24 hours of flying time in the air!  (We left on Monday evening and arrived early Thursday morning with time zone changes). So far I am really enjoying life here.  I am starting to settle in a bit as we have been here for almost a month now.

The city is so different from the US but its not quite as crazy as when we lived in Africa.  I really did a double take the first time I saw a cow wandering around by the side of the road.  And traffic is the British system with the steering wheel on the right and driving on the left side of the road.  I will share more stories later though. 

Here is some stitching progress!  Before we left the US I ffinished page 9 of Girl with a pearl on May 15th.

And then less then a month later on June 11th I finished page 6 of the design too!  It is really starting to look a bit more like the painting now :).  

But I am going to take a break from this piece and start a small one I received for Mothers Day next. I'll show you more soon.  Until then...Happy Crafting!

PS here are a few photos I have taken so