Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mill Hill's Post Office Status Update

After finishing my two WOCS pieces I wanted to work on another small project that I can hopefully finish in a timely manner.  So I started the Mill Hill Post Office that is on my list of goals to complete this year as a Retirement/Birthday present for my Dad.  I think I started this one on September 18th and below is some of my progress on it so far...

I am almost getting to the point where I can start stitching some of the beads but for now I think I might go back to Birds SAL.  Thanks for following my progress and Happy Stitching to you!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back with TWO finishes!

Hello Dear Stitching Friends,

It has been quite some time since I last updated this blog!  It was a busy almost month but the good news is that I have two finishes to share with you :)

They are both World of Charity Stitching pieces that I signed up to stitch.

The first is R is for Redwork it is a freebie from and there is a letter for each letter in the alphabet that will be turned into a beautiful quilt for a deserving person.  Here is my finished piece...
It is actually very small piece so I thought it would go a lot quicker than it did.  Filling in the cream color in the center seemed to drag on and take forever!  But once I was done the backstitching went very fast.  This may be the first time in history that I was looking forward to backstitching haha.

The second piece is for a Veggie themed quilt and I chose my favorite veggie...avocado!  I found the pattern at  I thought that this one would take longer but I think I might have stitched it in a shorter period of time than the first piece.  I stitched it on 28 count evenweave two over two.  Here is my first progress picture...

I meant to take a picture after every color but that didn't quite happen...Here is my next image about halfway done.

And here she is all finished!

This design stitched up rather quickly but I had a few small issues.  First the chart had symbols that weren't on the color legend so I had to look at the image and kind of guess on some of the colors where they went.  The colors of green and yellow are really not my favorite so I am actually looking forward to stitching the pinks and purples on Birds as soon as I can now.  Overall I think it turned out pretty good and I was able to get both of these sent away in the mail today so they can reach their destination in time!

Thank you all for reading.  I have been a very bad commenter lately.  I have been using the Bloglovin app on my phone so I have been viewing all of your posts and work but it makes it too easy for me to be lazy and not comment on your posts.  I'm sorry I will try to be more active with the comments again soon.

Happy Stitching,

Lulu :)