Sunday, July 20, 2014

Very late YOTA post and finish!

Hello out there!  I participated in the YOTA challenge to finish up old projects last month.  You can see the other participants progress here.  I am very late in updating (this is supposed to be done on the first Saturday of the month) but oh well...

The project I chose that was so close to completion was my Chi Omega needlepoint pillow project.  Here is where I left it off after the last time I worked on it almost one year ago!

And here is some progress.  I decided to change the color of the diamond shaped area down at the bottom because you could barely read or decipher the Greek letters.  Also I chose to do some backstitching to redo the Greek letters so you could actually see them, and I added some to the skull and cross bones and the owl in the upper red sections.  I know that you don't normally backstitch on needlepoint but I really feel that the design needed it since some of the detail was lost in the needlepoint design.

Here is more of the white background being added.  I also added my chapter down at the bottom of the design to customize it a bit.

Here is where I finished originally with only adding two rows of white beyond all of the design elements.  I started this way because I wasn't sure if I would run out of the wool like I had in other sections.

But it turns out that I had plenty more so I decided to figure out how to make the dimensions a perfect square and here is the big finish!!

I started working on this piece on June 24th and I finished it on July 11th!  Originally I had started it sometime in 2001/2002 making it my OLDEST WIP now complete :D  Now I am ordering some beautiful fabric to use as the back side of the pillow so I can really finish it up.  Looking back over my blog I thought I would finish this up almost one year ago, but it is now FINALLY finished and it is my 7th finish this year!!


  1. Yay! Great finish, Lulu, congrats :D

    1. Thank you Sarah! I hope to make it into a pillow before the summer is over.

  2. Hello

    A lovely finish x