Wednesday, August 6, 2014


My birthday was in July and I was a very lucky girl and got treated to a lot of great stitchy stuff.  I knew that most of what was ordered wouldn't be here for my actual birthday and there was a big sale, so I went a little crazy getting a big chunk of my wishlist from Heaven and Earth Designs.  Which afterwards I realized how crazy that was because now I don't want to calculate how long I will have to live to have time to stitch all of these beauties!  Oh well I learned a new stitchy term SABLE from a new blog I follow :Eclectic Bloke's The Secret Language of Stitchers.  So now I definitely have Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy or SABLE!

Here are the charts I received:

Desdemone by my favorite artist Gustave Moreau

Orpheus by Gustave Moreau

Sappho Se Jetamt de Summet by Gustave Moreau
Sappho Se Jetamt de Summet

I have been so excited that the site offered these Gustave Moreau paintings plus a few more and I wanted to support them having charts made of one of my favorite and pretty rare artists.

Ruby by Meredith Dillman
QS Ruby

I love the Marie Antoinette feel of this one but it calls for Krenik which scares me a bit...we'll see how it goes!

Waiting by Selina Fenech
Mini Waiting SF

I love the whole Little Mermaid theme in this one.

Pure Nature by Little Fairy Art
Pure Nature

I usually wouldn't stitch something like this but I LOVE teal and the color in her eyes and hair really draws me to this one.

Christmas Mailbox by Ruth Sanderson
Mini Christmas Mailbox

Once again I love the teal house and the Christmas theme.

Sanctuary of Knowledge by Randal Spangler
Mini Sanctuary of Knowledge

I have been looking at this one for awhile and was thinking of doing it for a friend who LOVES books but we'll see when I ever get around to starting it.

Lingering Dream by Ida Larsen
Lingering Dream

This was a brand new design and I love the colors and the furniture and interior but it is ENORMOUS and it will be beautiful when I finish it some day.

These are the two Heaven and Earth designs I already had:

A Cozy Table for Two by Mikki Senkarik 
A Cozy Table for Two


Mom and Baby Turtle by Annya Kai

Mom and Baby Turtle

Mom and Baby turtle is the only one I have started and finished only one tiny page so now looking at the rest of these looks rather intimidating...but I know one day I will start and finish them all :)


  1. Very pretty! You'll have a much easier time if you substitute Petite Treasure Braid from Rainbow Gallery for whatever color floss and blending filament called for. It's so much better to work with and you don't have to blend two kinds of things to get the bling effect!

    1. Thanks Meg I will try that! Ruby may be among the first ones I start since she is the smallest design :)

  2. Wow, that's quite a stash! Can't wait to see your progress on them :D

    1. Thanks Sarah! It may be awhile before I start them but hopefully not too long ;)

  3. That is quite a lot isnt it...cant wait to see them coming to life!

  4. LOVE all your SABLE! Happy Belated Birthday Lulu :)

  5. Hello

    Just found your lovely blog.
    What gorgeous charts and happy belated birthday!
    Happy weekend (:

    1. Hello and welcome Annie! Thank you for your kind words. I have just became a follower of your blog on bloglovin :)

  6. Lots of good designs here - have fun! Kreinik threads aren't scary :) If you don't want to use Blending Filament, which gives you a subtle metallic effect, use Very Fine #4 Braid or Fine #8 Braid (slightly thicker). You don't have to blend the Braids with anything, just use them right off the spool. #8 Braid is equivalent to two strands of DMC floss, size-wise.

  7. Thank you! That sounds like some great advice. I once used the DMC metallic on a project and it wasn't fun. I hope Kreinik is easier to stitch with.

  8. Thank you for leaving a note on my blog. That is some serious HAED shopping. It does border on SABLE! What fun!

  9. Wow! Amazing charts Lulu! I love Gustav Moreau paintings and those HAED's of his paintings are stellar! Happy Belated birthday!!