Thursday, October 9, 2014

YOTA October Progress

Hello out there!  This Year of the Acronym post is a bit late but I figure posting now is better than never.  This month I didn't get quite as much done as I would have liked on Medieval Lady...  I did finally muster up the guts to try to wash her.  Unfortunately her worst stains were barely changed at all and did not disappear!  I think that is really why I stopped working on her a bit.  I thought why invest more time in something that won't look its best when finished... But then I changed my defeated attitude and decided to keep plugging away at her so that I can try to finish her by the end of this year :)

Overall you can't see any progress because I worked entirely in filling in areas that were white.  I figured I would move away from all of the bright colors and get the boring white on white stitching over with.  But it got REALLY boring not using any of the pretty flosses in this design.

I filled in all of the white on the fur lined vest and cape of the lady.
I've already moved on to using other colors this month and I can't wait to see the progress I can make to show you for next month!  Until then...Happy Stitching!