Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

Hello everyone and happy 2015 to you all.  Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me on reading this blog!  I had a very wonderful year in 2014 mostly because my son joined our sweet family.  December seemed to race by and I was busy visiting family and friends while we were home in the US.    I am pretty proud of the fact that I had 12 finishes last year (almost 13)!!

For 2015 I set a very crazy stitching goal for's to only work from my stash and not buy anything for an ENTIRE YEAR!  Yes you read that right.  I found a group on Facebook and thought that I could be ready for this challenge, so here I go.  So far 6 days in and I have kept the promise.  BUT I did buy a few things that I am waiting to arrive in the mail before 2014 ended ;).

Here are a few new stash acquisitions I received before we went home in December...
This is Thea Gouverneur's Paris kit.  I've had my eye on this kit since I first started stitching but it was always out of my budget...until it went on an amazing sale at Keepsake Needle Arts!
also picked up this Elmo pillow kit from the sale that I thought was needlepoint after all the fun I had on my Chi Omega pillow earlier this year.  But it turns out this is a yarn cross stitch kit.  I'm sure my daughter will love it all the same when it is finished.

Also this year I have signed up for the YOTA Year of the Acronym SAL challenge again.  In the past it has really helped me dwindle down my WIPs and I will show you some progress soon.

Here is my latest start...
I know at this point it just looks like a postage stamp but this is my owl birth sampler I have started stitching for my son.  I think I had put a few stitches in it last fall and then stopped to focus on Medieval Lady.

I hope you all are enjoying the fresh start of the new year and I can't wait to see what you are up to stitching wise.  Happy Stitching and thank you for reading:)


  1. Great new stash! Good luck with not buying any more ;)

  2. Many people seem to be working from their stash lately! I do the same as well most of the time if I can. I'm wondering if its not just because many of us have more than we can stitch in three lifetimes but a comment on how there's really not a lot of amazing patterns out there to buy? At least that's how I feel, I get weekly e-mails from a couple of sources with what's new and I'm not desperate to buy any of it! Which really is okay cause I have plenty! LOL!

    1. Well I mostly chose to not buy because I have things I've wanted to start stitching in my stash but I keep getting distracted by new charts that I buy.

  3. I love your new stash! I also belong to a Stitch from Stash group but not on Facebook. Last year I didn't spend anything but this year I have already spent $6!

  4. Wow you had amazing willpower last year Faith!