Monday, March 4, 2013

YOTA #2 A bit Late...

So I was hoping to have another finish for month 2 of Year of the Acronym but I came very close.  This is a challenge to finish up works in progress and you can read about it and check out others work here.

This month I continued the design Baby Monkey Sampler, design by Linda Gillum for Kooler Design Studio kit by Janlynn.

Originally I had started it on the 14 count AIDA fabric included and I thought I had a picture but I was wrong.  Anyways after stitching a bit I realized I made the ultimate blunder and started stitching on the fabric in the wrong direction so I wouldn't have enough to finish the design!  

Luckily enough though I had just received some beautiful fabric I purchased from Stitchnmomma so I then re-started this design on this beautiful bright yellow 18 count fabric.  It fits better with the jungle monkey theme of the little boy I am making this for anyways!  Since the little one is now 3 years old I think this original project is at least that old.  I had made the matching quilt and bib set and this should finish out the Monkey designs.

Here is the first progress pic on February 5th..

Then on February 14th...

Then a bit more by February 22nd...

And here is my progress up to today!

I am very close to adding the birth details but this month I was busy with other projects.  I finally finished some important Christmas presents, I just had a special house guest and of course I was very busy taking care of my little girl who just had her first birthday!  I'm not sure what project I will choose when this is done or if I will get any work done on it this month since I am leaving on vacation soon to the US.

Until the next time...Happy Crafting!


  1. Sweet little monkey & happy holiday!

  2. It's adorable! Perfect for a little boy, I think. Great progress this month!

  3. It looks great and that yellow fabric was a great choice!

  4. Oh my.. Happy the frogs are back in their pond. Very cute work!

  5. Hello

    Just found your blog.
    Your project is very cute and I love that yellow fabric!
    Have a nice week.