Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Finish of 2014!

Hello Everyone!  I am excited to report that I had my first finish of 2014 rather early this year!  I finished this Dimensions Kit "See No Evil" on January 7th!
Please excuse the poor image quality since this was taken on the camera on my phone.
Also I don't have the before pic since our computer has been packed away inside a large crate where it will accompany us at our next exotic location later this year. 
But I believe I started this kit for a good friend's birthday either in 2005 or 2006?  It is such a small kit measuring 7" wide x 5" tall.  I had left it with some of the blue monkey's backstitching finished, the green monkey needing his vest completed and it was missing about 6 leaves and quite a bit of backstitching that needed to be completed. 
This was another project that I couldn't believe I left so close to final completion!  Now the details are a bit fuzzy with everything that has happened since they packed up our apartment in Oslo, we flew to DC for a week and then I finally flew back home to Michigan, but I think I worked on this starting January 4th - 7th until it was finished! 
 I was planning on posting this as my January YOTA with a completion but I had way too much going on on the first Saturday in January.  This year I am hoping to blast through as many WIPs as I can to focus on new stash acquisitions and projects.  Let's see how well I do and how many other finishes I can have in 2014.
Happy Stitching! 


  1. What a great finish. Well done on getting it completed :)

  2. Great finish! Can't wait to see what your next exotic location is going to be :D

  3. It's lovely, very sweet!

  4. Could you send me your address at virpi dot rantakangas at netti dot fi So I will sent you the travelling pattern.