Sunday, February 9, 2014

YOTA February

 Hello Everyone!  I know its been quite some time and there have been BIG changes in my life but I haven't given up on my stitching or this blog :)
This is about a week late but once again I decided to join the YOTA (Year of the Acronym) SAL to help me finish up some of my WIPs in my pile.  This is hosted by Pull The Other Thread and you can see what everyone else has been up to here!  I did do some YOTA stitching in January also but the time we were supposed to post I was without Internet in my apartment in Oslo.
For my February YOTA project I chose Diamond Avenue by Bucilla.  I think that I originally started this project way back in maybe 2005?  And I think I worked on it pretty constantly for maybe a year or two and got it to the point of needing backstitch on two of the three houses before I abandoned it until about January 20th of this year.  This seemed a no brainer for me to choose to work on since it was sooo close to completion.
Here is the overall design how I had left it for so long.  (Please excuse all the poor quality images from my camera on my phone) 
And here is a close up of the backstitching I had finished before I gave up stitching on this piece.
Another close up of where I left off...
And...Ta Da!  This is where I was as of last Saturday February 1, 2014.
You can see that I finished all of the backstitching on the biggest rust colored house!  I know why I abandoned this project its because of the backstitching which I usually avoid as much as I can.  But for some reason working on it this time just made so much sense to me.  It was like the design was out of focus and then adding the backstitching just put it into focus! 
 Oh I have been working on this project from my cozy temporary home in the US.  I have been up to quite a bit of stitching and stashing that I will share too but I wanted to at least get this post out even if it was a week late.  Thank you for reading this and for all of your encouraging words.
Happy Stitching Everyone! 


  1. I love this pattern, and your stitching is lovely!

  2. Beautiful pattern! I know backstitching is a lot of work, but it really makes a difference here. Everything just seems to pop now!

  3. This is a really pretty project, and great choice for the YOTA. Like you I am not a fan of backstitch but once its done it will be all worth while :)

  4. Amazing how the backstitch really made it "pop" - I think it looks awesome. Great stitching!

  5. Oh these houses are so beautiful! I love how the backstitching brings it into focus, like you said! I even see the kitty on the sidewalk! How cute!