Saturday, October 6, 2012

Friday Progress Photos Girl with a Pearl Earring

Sorry this is one day late.  I have a houseguest this week so I have had my hands full with my baby and showing her around Oslo.

On Monday I started a Work in Progress (WIP) I had started back in January Girl with a Pearl Earring based on the Vermeer painting.  I have always loved the painting and I even read the book that the movie was based on a few years ago.  I purchased this kit when I was in Moldova and it was definitely the right price and I thought it would make a great project to work on.

Here is what it will look like when it is finished.

I am not quite sure what size the fabric is but it is definitely the smallest canvas size I have ever worked on. 

This is as far as I got when I started it in January...

The gray color is the start of the infamous Pearl Earring.

This kit is by a local Moldovan company Luca-S Art Goblen, and it is great quality.  I am very happy that the charts come in large enough size to easily see and mark off what I have stitched and that the threads have all been presorted and labeled according to the chart symbol.

I decided to try out the charting method of basting threads out to mark out each square of the pattern, and so far it has helped me make less mistakes!

After only 5 days here is the progress I made...

And here is the close up.

I never realized that the "Girl's" cheek would be so orange but I'm sure it will come together the farther I get.  I am hoping to complete this page 5 in the center of the design by the end of the month or sooner!

Has anyone out there ever stitched this design before?  If so I would love to hear your tips or advice :)


  1. Beautiful progress! I've seen this lovely design around but have not worked on it ☺ Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Happy weekend back at you.

  2. Beautiful design and great progress! Will be interested to see more work on it!

  3. Hi Lucy! Glad you got back to this. The fabric's 18 count black Aida. To make it easier to work on, put something white underneath it. It helps you see the holes.

    1. Oh wow I can't believe it's only size 18, I was hoping to try a new project at 25 but that will be super tiny!