Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oslo Ski Museum

 Last week I visited the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Museum with our guest.  Norwegians invented the sport of Ski Jumping and one of their famous sayings is that every Norwegian is born with skis on their feet.  That is a little painful on the Mothers if you ask me ;)

I have always been interested in following the sport of Ski Jumping ever since I got to visit the Finnish training center in Lahti, Finland so when we moved to Oslo I jumped at the chance to check out their new Ski Jump located just Northwest of town.  I have been to the Ski Jump many times but this was my first time getting to enjoy the museum that is located at the mid section of the jump.

Here are some pictures I took with a crafty point of view.

I really loved the detail and hand painting/carving on these old skis.  Here is some info on Skiing History from the museum.

I always LOVE to see a Bunad the traditional Norwegian National costume so I had to get this mannequin wearing one!


Here is a model of the original ski jump on the current site...boy how things have changed.

Here are some beautiful Norwegian paintings at the museum.

I love this idyllic work that includes the traditional Wedding Crown on the girl in the center of the painting.

Here is a blown-glass winter palace on display.

This little guy was the mascot named Sondre from the 1994 Paralympic Games held in Lillehammer the same year that they hosted the Olympics.

And this is the view that all of the athletes get to see when they take off down the ramp from the top.  I was just happy to make it up this high since I have a bit of a fear of heights.

I was not dressed for the weather that day...another Norwegian saying is "There is no bad weather only bad clothing."  So I finally purchased a beautiful and VERY WARM Norwegian-made wool sweater!  I will post pictures and more about that later.  Happy Thursday!


  1. Oooh that last photo makes me feel ill! I love skiing but I don't think I would do that!

    1. Looking down from the top I know I could never be a ski jumper either! But it was a beautiful view of the city up there.

  2. Lulu, do you live in Oslo? I love so much knowing more about you. I simply adore Norway, it's the Heaven on Earth!

    1. Yes I do live on Oslo! Norway is a beautiful country and I have only seen a small part of it. I would love to see the amazing fjords in Bergen and I have always wanted to visit Italy also :)

    2. Do you know some years ago, I and my husband left from Italia to Norway BY CAR?! It was a wonderful adventure across the Europe. We wanted to go to Nordkapp but we fell in love with Bergen too much to leave again, so we spent there the most part of our journey. I enjoied Oslo too because it's a vey exiting city. I was very surprised by the white beachs. If I could, I left now.
      But it's a long story and don't want to bore you.