Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

To all of my friends and family back in the US, I wish you a

This year is my daughter's first Halloween and in honor of her we decided to carve our pumpkins last night.  Mine is on the left and my husband's is on the right.  I decided to copy my baby girl's smile for my design inspiration and hubby is channeling Dracula ;).

  I am happy to be living somewhere where we have access to pumpkins for the festivities! 
Halloween is starting to catch on a bit in Norway as they have costumes and decorations at a few of the shops around town. 

I hope everyone wherever you celebrate the holiday tonight gets more candy than you can ever eat and has a fun time on this celebration night!


  1. Hello, I didn't get to do any pumpkins this year, its not really celebrated in Poland. Yours look great - Happy Halloween. Lesley xx

  2. Lesley,
    That is too bad you missed pumpkin carving this year. Sadly when I lived in the US I didn't carve one every year and they didn't grow them in Africa so it's been a while :).