Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013 Crafty Goals Check in

I really can't believe that it's June and we are now halfway through 2013!  I thought I would do a quick  6 month check in with my yearly crafty goals to see how I am doing...

Crafty goals for 2013
1.  Finish at least 3 WIPs.  I have finished 2 WIPs so far and am currently working on the third that should be done by the end of June!
2.  Finish top piece of Congo Rainbow Quilt.  I haven't even pulled this project out yet.
3.  Finish Family Christmas Stockings.  I need to get this project out and just finish it up with plenty of time before the holidays start this year.
4.  Stitch at least 2 pieces for World of Charity Stitching.  So far I haven't done this but I am thinking once I get caught up on my SAL to start a small piece.
5.  Finish Norway Map Cross stitch so I can purchase the Norwegian Bunad design.  I haven't started this one either but I almost bought the Bunad design but stopped myself a few weeks ago.
6.  Participate in a SAL (stitch a-long). Yes!  I am currently working on the Flowers SAL.
7.  Make at least 4 small ornaments to give to others.  I am almost finished with one ornament!
8.  Complete another page of Girl with a Pearl.  Not yet!
9.  Start a HAED project.  It is purchased and I have started the gridding.
10.  Start Valentines quilt.  No piecing or sewing yet but I did purchase material for the back while I was home in March.
11.  Make and send out Valentines Day Cards.  Unfortunately did not happen but I am OK with that.
12.  Start retirement gift for my Dad.  He retired in February and I still don't have the kit I would like to do on order...
13.  Complete 2 Wedding samplers as gifts.  Not started yet...

14.  Finish Grandparents Christmas Gifts and send out. I should have added this big project to the original list!  I finally finished decopaging the EIGHT painted frames with Holiday paper cut out pieces for Halloween and Thanksgiving back in February! Below is one of the finished pieces :)

Hmm I still have a lot of projects to work on to meet all the goals...but so far I am happy with my progress that I have achieved!  Plus I still have another 6 months now to try to finish up a few things :)  Is anyone else having better success at achieving your stitching or crafting goals?


  1. What a cute little frame.

    I have trouble with my goals too because new things keep finding their way onto my list! Good luck...

    1. Thank you Faith! I have the same problem where I keep finding new projects and designs so my list keeps growing but at least I have some WIP finishes too :)

  2. Great job with your goals! You still have half a year left, so who knows how much farther you'll be! Good luck :D

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Sarah! Hopefully at the next check in I will have quite a bit more checked off my list.