Friday, June 7, 2013

Birds SAL Progress Part 2 Week 3

Hello and Happy Friday everyone!  As usual I have been plugging away at my Birds SAL piece.

Here is where I ended last time...

And here is my slow progress for the week...

And here is where I am today!

I did meet my goal of reaching the far right side of the design but there is still quite a bit left to do!  I was starting to feel like I won't catch up but seeing the progress and how far I came this week is inspiring me again :)  I almost have 3/4 large flowers complete and now I am on the last page of the design even though it is quite a large page.  I am definitely past half way now but I am still pressuring myself to finish ASAP so I can start to get caught up with the rest of the stitchers.  It's not really having to pay for the design but I am a sucker for a deadline and I really, really want to meet it!

Well I am off to stitch some more but I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Happy Crafting!


  1. Great progress! That looks fantastic. Yay for reaching the far right side! :D You can totally reach this deadline, Lulu, I believe in you.

  2. You're doing much better with that one than I am on the Dreams Sampler! I started part two last week .... and have barely stitched on anything this week.

    1. Meg I didn't know you were doing Dreams I'll have to check yours out :)

  3. Gorgeous stitching, so pretty.