Friday, June 14, 2013

Birds SAL Part 3!

Hello and Happy Friday!  I am excited to share with you that I finished the giant section of Part 2 on Tuesday this week!!  I am one step closer to of my goal of getting caught up with everyone else on this SAL :)

Well here was where I left off last Friday...

And my daily progress...

Until...ta da the finish of Part 2!!!

Part 3 has two sections the first is a smaller delicate design that reminds me of two very beautiful bracelets and and the other is a much smaller corner flower piece.  I was a little burned out on flowers after all of the hard work I just did so I decided to start on the "bracelets."

Here is where I am at now and I am going to enjoy the time during my daughter's nap to get in a few more stitches :)  The part on the left side is about halfway done in length.  Hopefully by next week I will have completed this part and started the other corner flower section. 
 Thank you all for sharing my journey on this piece!