Friday, July 19, 2013

Birds SAL Part 4 Done!

Well I got to stitch a bit more than I thought I would this week and I not only finished one of the birds like the goal I set but I finished all of them!!

Here is where I started out last week...

And here is where I am now!

I finally decided to turn the design the right way to take photos since I have so much more of the design completed now.  I am hoping that by next week's progress update I will have at least one of the "bracelet" pieces finished but we shall see :)

I also received some stitchy mail this week.  I ordered a ton of floss to get started on my first ever Heaven and Earth Design Mom and Baby Turtle and a few other designs for World of Charity Stitching.  Here is all of the beautiful floss...

And I also purchased some fabric from Hand Dyed Fabrics from Stephanie so that I can start one the Norway cross stitch on my yearly goals list.  Here is my new fabric!

It is so beautiful!  I picked this Enchanted color because it has both blue and green colors which I thought would look great with the blue ocean and green land part of the design here.  I was also pleasantly surprised when I found out that Stephanie is a Michigan based business so I am supporting someone from my home state.  

I can't wait to finish up Birds so that I can get started on some other projects.  Well I am off to start Part 5.  

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Great update on your SAL! Love your choice for HAED chart :) Really wishing you all the best with this, have a great weekend :)

  2. Congrats on finishing Part 4! You must be so proud of yourself :D And great stashing, too!

  3. Lots of progress and the threads all look so pretty - lovely variety of colours! x

  4. Wonderful stitching.:) I wish you all the best for the planned projects.:)

  5. I love the birds on your SAL, they look great.

    And a great choice for your first HAED Design, I love Annya Kia's Designs (I have a few of her Owl designs). I cant wait to see the progress of the this one.

    Keep up the great stitching xx

  6. A very pretty project you are working on.
    Good luck with the HAED design, very nice.