Monday, July 8, 2013

July YOTA a tad late again...

Hello out there!  With all of my other stitching and my little girl skipping naps a few days I didn't get very much done on my Year of the Acronym SAL.

Here is where I was last month...

And I sort of went in reverse again.  I had got maybe 1/3rd of the border done in light yellow when I realized I wasn't going to have enough.  And I also realized that I liked the Chi and Omega sections better in light yellow than red.  So I took out the red in those sections and have started working the border in gold that I purchased locally in Oslo.  It is a bit thinner wool but if I do the same stitch 2 or 3 times it matches my other needlepoint stitches.

Anyways here is where I am currently...

Once again I am hoping to have this finished by next month!  It is such a quick and easy stitch compared to my other current projects I should just bite the bullet and devote some more time to it.  Well I hope that everyone else got more done than me this month :)


  1. Great work on your YOTA project. Every stitch counts! I got nothing at all done on mine, you did much better than me this month :D

  2. It looks lovely with the changes.
    Good luck with finishing in time (:

  3. I agree with everyone. It does look better with the yellow. I didn't touch my YOTA project this month.