Friday, July 12, 2013

Birds SAL Part 4 Week 3?

So I think this is the 3rd week I have been stuck on Part 4 but I'm not quite sure.  I'll admit it I was a little burned out on this design after my big placement error on starting the Birds part of this design.  It seemed like ripping out all of the stitches took forever!  It got a bit better when I found my seamripper tool from my sewing machine to help with the job though :)

Anyways here is where I was last week...

I hadn't quite finished ripping out all of the stitches.

And here is where I am now!

I really don't know how I did it but I think I had set a goal for myself to complete 2 of the 5 birds and I did it!!!  I was dreading starting on this WIP again but once I got started my needle seemed to fly and the birds materialized so quickly.  I am hoping that by next week I can maybe have one bird finished.  I am not sure though because my wonderful Mother In Law will be staying with us for a visit and I don't know how much stitching I will be able to accomplish.  I am very excited about her visit and am eagerly getting ready for her arrival :)

Thank you all for following my progress.  Hopefully at some point I will actually catch up with everyone else on this design.  But until then Happy Weekend and Happy Stitching!


  1. Hello Lulu

    This is looking so very pretty!
    Happy weekend (:

  2. Great progress! Have fun with your mother-in-law :D

  3. Beautiful stitching! I hope you find time to stitch when your MIL is visiting.