Friday, November 23, 2012

11/23 Progress Photos Stockings, Tea Cups...

Hello out there and welcome to some new followers!  Yikes I can't believe I missed last week's posting.  Well it has been busy lately at my house.  My baby finally got her top tooth in, but now its partner in crime is trying to make its appearance.  Also I had been trying to get ready for the Thanksgiving holiday but more about that later...

Last Friday I didn't have too much progress to show.  I had finally picked out the fabric to use to make my family's Christmas Stockings this year from some of the beautiful Woodin Fabric I had purchased in Congo.

Also last week I finished the Saxony Santa Ornament..

On Thursday there was our community montly Craft meeting and the hostess was teaching a very cute woven Reindeer ornament.  Unfortunately I had my hands full with my little one so I couldn't make it but everyone else's turned out really cute!  And also on Sunday I met up with some card making friends to work on our Christmas card designs and enjoy a nice Ladies night dinner.  My Christmas card for this year is mostly set but I will wait to share the design with you.

Also last week I had finally joined the World of Charity Stitching group after seeing so many fellow bloggers stitch cute pieces I decided to join the group and try to complete a square for a quilt to be donated to a charitable organization/individual.  I was inspired to go through all of my old Cross Stitch magazines to find a lighthouse design but I did stumble upon a great teacup design for that theme.

Here is the image from the April 2008 Issue of Cross Stitch Gold Magazine.  I used to subscribe to this wonderful mag from England and lately I have been tempted to resubscribe...

This design is called Anchor Tea Sampler and I am focusing on just a small part of the stacked tea cups for my contribution.  I haven't quite signed up with the group yet on this piece because I am hoping (but I'm not sure) that I can meet the December 15th deadline to have it mailed back to the US so it can become part of a quilt.

Here is the chart image...really amazing and easy to read compared with my experience with a recent project chart.

And here is how far I am as of today with the stitching...

I really hope that I can finish it in time, but this has been another fun little distraction from the backstitching on Christ at Heart's Door.  Happy Friday Everyone and I can't wait to share with you my progress next week...hopefully I will be done stitching on this piece!


  1. I love the tea cups - remind me of home - they are looking great. :)

  2. Lovely fabric you picked for stockings. And your teacups are coming along very nicely! Very pretty. :)

  3. Wow, great design and really fast progress already!

  4. I joined the WOCS too, I saw it here and thought what a great idea, Thanks for letting me know about it.