Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Crafty Goals!

Ok so last week was a really tough week for I was a bit more negative in my last post than I meant to be.  First of all, I really am not a horrible mother for complaining of my lack of sleep when my baby is teething because she hasn't been in any pain like some babies experience when teething.  The only way we can tell she is teething is because she drools so much and likes to put all of her toys in her mouth.  I think I solved the problem why she was waking up so much and that was because her room was a bit on the cool side.  So problem mostly solved I have gotten a bit more sleep lately and feel like more of a human being again!

Also I am really happy because later in the afternoon on Friday I finally called customer service on a Crafty issue I have been having and they were wonderfully helpful and the problem should be solved with them mailing me a replacement!!  I will give you the details of the amazing company once everything arrives.

So I really can't believe we are in November already.  In Oslo, Norway that means that the daylight is already gone at about 16:30 and as we approach the solstice in December the sun will go down by 14:30pm!  To cope a little better with the loss of light my hubby bought me some cool LED color lights and a few other lamps so that our apartment is brighter and I can actually see what I am stitching!

Here are some images of the color effects...

Ok back to the title of this post.  I am going to write down my crafty goals for the month here:

1.  Finish our family Christmas stockings.
2.  Finish Santa Ornament.
3.  Send Thanksgiving Day cards to immediate family members.
4.  Start Christmas Cards.
5.  Start community Stockings.
6.  Start Page 8 on Girl with a Pearl Earring.

I hope I can accomplish all of those goals this month but let's see!

Right now it is snowing outside and the biggest, most beautiful snowflakes are gently falling from the sky.  You can't see the flakes as well but here is what the peaceful scene looks like... Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me - you're a star. I love the LED lights, they look so cool. We had snow last week and its getting cold again here in Poland.

    I hope you have a good week and I cant wait to see your craft progress for November. xxx