Tuesday, November 13, 2012

5th Finish of 2012!

I am so happy to show you my finished Saxony Santa Ornament from Mill Hill Designs Medieval Santas!  I finished it on Sunday but I finally made it to the computer today to write it up.

Here he is completely stitched!

I really enjoyed doing this small colorful kit in between working on a few larger designs.  Even sorting out the bead colors was fun and I was proud that I learned a few new techniques such as sewing on the Holly to give a 3d look and adding the beard on Santa's face.  I decided to finish it a little different than the picture below shows but now I just need to find some fabric from my stash for the back and then he can hang from our Christmas tree as soon as I put it up in the next few weeks!


  1. He looks great, make sure you post a photo of him on your tree. I like doing small projects - I have four to complete for xmas and only started one!. Great Job xx

  2. Hello

    Found your blog through Virpi.

    Your finish is lovely!