Friday, November 9, 2012

11/9 Progress Photos Saxony Santa

Happy Friday!  This week has flown by for me and it was a productive crafty week for me.

First from my last post I completed my Thanksgiving Cards and they are off in the mail today for our immediate family.  Making the cards was really fun and made me want to create some more new designs!

Also this week I have been working on a very beautiful ornament.  It is in the Medieval Santa series by Mill Hill and it is the Saxony Santa. 

This was a very generous gift from my pal Meg at Committed Stitcher from her stash when I needed a needle because the kit I had brought with me was unfortunately missing its needle.  Anyways I am grateful that she donated this kit to me and it is so pretty!  There is quite a bit of beading on this design and for it being so small I have made some major mistakes that I have had to take out but I have really enjoyed stitching it.

Here is where I was when I stopped working on it sometime in January...

It is my first project stitching on a paper backing but so far so good.  And here is where I am today on the design...

I just have a few more colors of beading to add and then his beard which looks a little tricky, and then I can finish it and add it to our tree this Christmas!  This year I am already looking forward to the Holiday Season probably because we have snow already, and I am excited to make and get gifts together, and to see the joy of the season through my little girl's eyes.

Happy Crafting!


  1. Great progress! This little Medieval Santa is a really lovely gift & the colours are amazing!! It will sure look fab in a Christmas tree!!
    Never worked on paper before, is it tricky??
    Have a lovely weekend, Mii x

    1. The paper wasn't bad just a bit different. I liked that it was stiff to work on but not that it made a fold crease if my little girl grabbed at it. I would use it again :)

  2. Lovely! Well done :) I am excited for Christmas too :D hehe

  3. Had to come see your Saxony Santa. He's beautiful! Your beading is coming along very nicely. Can hardly wait to see your finish! Happy Stitching! :)

  4. I love it - great design and your stitching is so neat.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you again for giving this kit to me. I really love it and it was so sweet of you to share with me!