Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Crafty Gifts!

I forgot to mention and show some of the beautiful hand knitted items I received from my mom for Christmas and some fun stitching stash!

Here is a beautiful Owl sweater my mom made for me and a yellow "sunshine" cardigan for my little girl, as well as a rainbow hat and socks for her.

You can see the pattern a bit better if you look at the button eyes of the owl.

My mom also made me this beautiful owl knitted ornament.  Unfortunately it was wrapped up in the sweater and when I held it up to me this fell out, but luckily it bounced and did not break!
And here is the Stitching stash I got from one of my Mother In Laws! 
What stash did you all receive?


  1. Unfortunately no stitching stash as gifts, but I am planning to splurge a little online and treat myself to some stash :D Have fun with your presents! The knitted pieces your mom made look gorgeous

  2. No Stitching Christmas Gifts for me, I did ask, even printed out what I wanted but nothing. I love the Christmas Ball - my Mother-in-Law would love one of those.

    I hope you have a Happy New Year and I cant wait to see what you craft in 2013. :) xx

  3. Wow gorgeous work! Where did your mum find that owl pattern its gorgeous