Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When the cat's away...

The mice will play!  My hubby went out of town for a little bit and here is my crafty mess that was once the kitchen table...

You can see my new working Cricut, and pieces for my Christmas cards this year and a stocking project.

I have gotten a little bit further on our family stocking project too.  Here are the fabrics with their lining fabrics that all celebrate DRC's 50th Independence Day from 2010, I plan to use.

This one is my hubby's in blue...

My baby girl's stocking...

And last but least mine...

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Very unique stockings.. a great idea!! Is that a box of chocolates I see!!?? :)

    1. Ha ha you caught me! Its a box of cookies dipped in Belgian chocolate :)

  2. Nice stockings. The fabrics are great!

  3. You're being so productive! I feel like a slacker. On the other hand, we just bought a Sizzix at Thanksgiving and I'm waiting for it to come in the mail. Maybe I can have fun playing with it after we get back from Munich. If it's here.