Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Putting my degree to work!

Yesterday I had some wonderful friends come over to help me with a reupholstering project I have wanted to start for over a year.  When we moved to Oslo we bought an 90s style oak dining table from someone here and from first sight I have wanted to change the seat fabric.  Many months ago I found a great fabric that I ordered though JoAnn Fabrics and has been sitting on its giant roll in the dining room adding to the ambiance.

I really lucked out that the colors on the monitor screen were true to what actually arrived!

Here is a before image of one of the chairs...

And here is the wonderful after!

I think that side by side you can see what an amazing difference changing the fabric makes!

Old Fabric very dated and dingy looking...

And the new fabric looks fresh and matches the warm tones of the oak wood.

Oh yes I forgot to explain the title of this post well way back in college I got my BFA in Interior Design so I got to put my Interior Designer's eye to work selecting a fabric that was bright, fresh, and will hide any future stains well :)  I really haven't been able to use my skills since we moved overseas so this made me feel really good!


  1. Excellent choice in fabric! It really does make a huge difference

  2. You did a fantastic job, and that's a beautiful fabric!

  3. Thank you all for your kinds words!