Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cricut and Hobby Lobby have Amazing Customer Service!

Well the title is true!

My Cricut machine made by Provo Craft had arrived to me with what I thought was a small problem that turned out to be quite a big one.  Last year after going back and forth a lot my husband encouraged me to finally buy the Cricut Expression machine as a late Christmas present.  I ordered it but it arrived in late January just after I had returned to the US to get ready to have my little girl.  When it came Hubby got it out of the box and uh-oh the cutting arm was off the track, but he fixed it and checked it out to make sure it worked.  It was cool he even showed me how it was working over Skype!  Well after the life changing event of giving birth to my little girl and then finally returning to Norway in May I decided to try to play with my new creative machine in June sometime.  It was great but I noticed that the size dial had no response meaning I could only cut things at 2" in size or if I played around a little bit I cut cut them large fit to a 12" x 12" page.  I tried to make due but then I bought some cartridges where they are real dial size and I couldn't even use them without being able to change the cut size.  I was a little bummed and thought I was just out of luck...

But then a few months later I checked out my paperwork and found out that that my machine was still under warranty!  It took me a few more months sadly just before Halloween before I could call them to see what they could do for me but I was so glad I did!  The customer service rep Janel Curtis was extremely helpful.  At one point I got a little scared because she told me that I might have voided the warranty bringing my Cricut machine outside of the US ( my heart stopped a little at that point), but she took the time to check and because my machine was shipped to US address they were able to send me a free replacement machine!  It just arrived on Tuesday of this week and it is AMAZING!  Now being able to change the size of items has opened up a new world of opportunities for paper crafting and I used it to make a smaller piece for our handmade Christmas cards this year.


Also I want to share a positive experience I had with Hobby Lobby online.  I LOVE buying craft products from them over JoAnn online because they ship their items in a very timely matter...usually same day in fact!  Well this week my order arrived with some large 16" x 20" frames with glass that got broken in shipping resulting in broken glass all over the boxes and my home as I opened them up.  It took me awhile to get everything cleaned up and taken out to the dumpster, but then I called customer service.  They were also very helpful and offered to reship the items or give me a credit and I opted for the credit which has already arrived in my bank account.

I know that sometimes we all have some bad experiences with customer service but I wanted to take a minute to share some VERY POSITIVE experiences I had this week! 

Happy Crafting!

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