Friday, September 23, 2016

Cross Stitch Stash Closet Organization

Hello everybody!

A few days go we had a local holiday in Taiwan the Mid Autumn Moon Festival and I was lucky enough to have the day off of work.  I spent the morning playing with my children but when it was nap time instead of sitting down and stitching I decided to try to organize the avalanche waiting to happen that was my Cross Stitch closet.

Here are the before pictures of my storage area.

You can't really see the mess that is hiding behind these closed doors...

Surprise!  Do you see what I mean about an avalanche waiting to happen?

I hatched this whole organization idea because I had just emptied a set of plastic storage drawers and thought they might fit nicely in this cabinet to take up some vertical space and make things more organized.

And after less than an hour here is the nicely organized space most of my stitching supplies get to call home now...

There are only two very light weight boxes balancing on top of my sewing machine on the bottom right corner.  The biggest issue I had was that my Cricut machine box is 1/2" too wide to fit sideways on the shelf and allow for the doors to close.  So I put it up on the top shelf the long ways wide.  Sadly I also have one more plastic drawer organizer that is a little bit smaller than the one in here full of stitching supplies in another room.  But I am happy that there is not a danger from falling objects anymore when I pull out a WIP to work on!  Happy Stitching!


  1. Great that you arranged your stash and that it is easily accessible now.I like organising things, it also helps understanding the amount of stash that we have, otherwise things get lost in the mess.

  2. I love organizing my stash ..brings back memories of what I bought where :)

  3. Great work! well done for tackling that organisation job.