Sunday, September 11, 2016

I found a LNS in Taiwan!!!

Hello :)

I had found a stitching supplies in a few shops in Taiwan before (that I plan on showing you in the future), but they were usually in some general stores with a craft section, or a craft store with a small cross stitch section.

It was so funny on Labor Day I went on a shopping excursion with a friend in Taipei and I was just telling her how I haven't yet found a Local Needlework Shop in Taipei...when I stumbled upon this amazing find!

It is called xu Crafts and they mostly sell cross stitch kits, but they had a few supplies as well.

This is a nice place to sit down and stitch or set down your kit choices when trying to make a decision on purchasing.

Here is a WIP near the cash register

More beautiful kit choices!

Some finished pieces decorating the cash register area.

Some large beautiful finished pieces from the kits.

Thread Bobbins that I think are just for show...

A Chinese style wall hanging kit.

Stitching Notions: scissors, hoops, needles, eraseable pens...

So many finished examples.

The bird design here comes in a kit with the beautiful wood jewelry box!  I really wanted to get it but I held myself back and decided that I might purchase it the next time I visit this shop.

So this shop was all from the xu Crafts brand.  Everything they had for sale was in a kit form except for the notions.  Most of the kits had a printed background so there was less stitching to do in the designs.  The kits looked to be high quality and contained everything needed to finish each design including TWO needles.  For example the pouch above included everything to finish it into a zippered pouch.  They even had some adorable ornament kits for sale that I might want to come back for.  I bought a few things which I will share a little later.  

Also the extremely nice salesperson was a stitcher too, and with her limited English and my limited Chinese we were able to ask her where I could find a shop that sells cross stitch fabric.  I have another Stitcher/Blogger friend here who had just asked me if I've found that here and I hadn't.  I am hoping that I can check out the store soon from the lead the sweet salesperson gave me.

This was the first time since when I lived in Norway almost 3 years ago that I have been able to find a LNS in the foreign land where I live!  I hope you enjoyed this little tour with me.  See you soon...Happy Stitching!

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  1. Wow ,you must have jumped in excitement when you found the store. Love the Xiu crafts stuff you have shown here.