Monday, October 1, 2012

Third Finish of 2012!

My third finished project of the year is the Owl Growth Chart by Dimensions!  I started it on June 13th and finished the stitching on September 18th,  but I finally finished the finishing steps so I can hang it on the wall in my daughters room yesterday!

Here is the finished project though I am not quite happy with the results...

I had been trying to figure out how exactly to finish and hang it for a few weeks and then I thought I solved the problem by sewing on matching ribbon to hang it on a hook until I noticed that it started to curl up that way.  So for now the double hooks are a simple solution until I can figure out how to give it some more stability. 

I am proud of myself for getting this far because usually I tend to abandon a project just before the stitching is done, let alone if it needs some finishing steps like this one.

This is definitely the largest project I have ever stitched measuring in at 9" x 40" (22 cm x 101 cm) though not the biggest in terms of stitches.  One challenge has been that it was a little too big to use a hoop or frame for stability, so I stitched it all just holding onto the fabric.  That was a bit difficult at times but it all worked out and I don't feel that the fabric got stretched out by this method. 

Also I am proud that I got this larger project completed in only 3 months with my much limited time to stitch. 

I can't wait until my little girl's next Dr. appointment when I can add in her new height measurement!


  1. It's super cute! Congrats! To straighten up the curling, maybe you can try hanging something heavy on the bottom...?

  2. I agree! And if you can weight the bottom, it'll hang straight and the crease lines will eventually straighten out, too. Perhaps two matching pieces of wood, one at bottom and one ant top? Or even dowel rods.

  3. Thank you both for the suggestions! I still need to iron it also which should help with the creases I hope. I am horrible at the finishing steps on projects...that is why I always take the framed pieces to a professional framer instead of doing it myself.