Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Progress Photos, Card Making Fun

Hello out there!  So I don't really have progress photos because I finished the two cross stitch projects I had been successively working on.  However I am still trying to complete all of the finishing on them and I plan to add pics of that when I am done.

This week I hosted a monthly get together of ladies who like to craft and share some wine.  I am thankful that I got to host because now I am enjoying the fruits of my labor of a nice clean house!  Also it got me back in touch with an old favorite craft of Stamping and Card Marking!

Here are the 4 cards I designed for the demo activity part of the night.

I used mostly Stampin Up stamps and punches, and the Owl card was made using the Hoot 'n Holler Cricut Cartridge.  I came up with the Christmas theme for the cards mostly so I could start thinking ahead about Christmas and the Holidays this year.

Here are some of the beautiful, creative variations made last night!

And here is the Owl image I cut to show off what the Cricut can do to those who had never seen one in action!  It is from the October 31st Cartridge.

And the best result of the night besides the great company was that my little girl finally slept ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  She hasn't done that in 4 months and I was unbelievably grateful for the extra sleep last night!

Happy Friday!


  1. Super Beautiful cards! I just adore the little owls! ^_^

    1. Thank you! I love owls and am so happy that now they are "in" so you can find cute ones everywhere.