Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kunsthåndverksmarkedet Oslo Year 1

Last August was the first time that I visited the annual Kunsthåndverksmarkedet (Oslo Handmade Market).  I wasn't sure quite to expect but the sun was shining and it was such a beautiful day!  Since it was my first time visiting this event the vendors and items seemed to go on forever, and it was definitely a bigger event with a larger crowd compared to this year.

Here is a nice spot to eat your freshly made waffle with jam or sweet Norwegian brown cheese and enjoy the summer day...

This is the view looking the other way.  The waffle booth is center in the background, with the Cathedral tower dominating the skyline.

Scandinavia is well known for handmade glass works, and this vendor was no exception!  I ended up buying a pink version of the abstract face drinking glass like the orange one below.

The same Artist made all of these colorful votive holders and now looking at them I regret not buying one for my collection.

This booth had very bright and colorful clothing that was whispering to me to take its photo.

Here is the banner outside of the Cathedral advertising the market just behind.

Here is a picture of Panduro Hobby, the local hobby shop chain with two locations in Oslo.  Its on the right just before Burger King.  This is on Karl Johan's Gate the major shopping/pedestrian only street in Oslo.

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  1. I want those voltives too! I want a whole set as drinking glasses.