Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Cross Stitch Project Finish of 2012!

This project reminds me that I DO actually finish projects once in a while!  And this one was completed in a short period of time.  I have had this kit since I got married (over five years ago!).  My mom was going to make it for me but she ended up giving it to me a few years back figuring that I would probably complete it before she would.  It was a relatively easy stitch since there isn't any background to work on.  I started this project during the last week of December when I went to a city in Eastern Europe and wasn't sure how safe it would be for me to walk around.  So I brought this project to work on in case I would be stuck in my hotel room.  Luckily it was safe and I could explore a little bit so I didn't get much done while there, the bulk of this though I stitched while I was back in the US very pregnant and waiting to have my baby.  I finished it in March 2012 so it only took me 3 months to start and finish!  That is the earliest that I have ever finished a project of this size.

Here are some photos of its progression...

Here is a close up of the beading.  This is the first time I have ever added beads to a cross stitch project.

 Here is the finished piece all framed by my favorite framing company in the whole world Wheaton's Framing and Art Gallery and ready to be mailed back to us in Norway!

Project Details:
Two Hearts One Love
Distributed by Janlynn
Designed by Stoney Creek Collection
Stitching Finished Size: 14" x 12"

This last image is one of the many beautiful sunrises I captured while staying at my "Downtown" hotel where I stitched the bulk of this piece back in Michigan.

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