Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Progress Photos

I am still working on the Owl Growth Chart by Dimensions.  I think you can see the progress I've made this week.

I decided to shorten the grass design up a bit from the original chart.  I know it won't be as balanced as the designer intended but I am trying to fit my daughters full name into the design which means putting our last name in the space between the grass and the Owl's swing.

The grass area is about half way done, but the rest should fly by since I don't have to do any counting or charting.  I've done that a lot with this project, working ahead with only doing 1/2 of the stitch and then following in its wake.  Once the grass area is done, I still have a worm, the name letters, and then all of the numbers and growth measurement lines to add as well as finish the other half of the border, but then I will be done stitching it!  I'm not quite sure how to finish it once that is done but I am hoping to finally be finished with the stitching in a few weeks.  We'll see if I can finish that quickly but hopefully you can hold me to my goal...

Oh I finally figured out how to add followers to this blog (I really am still just a beginner at blogging) so I would appreciate your support as a follower :)


  1. Great job so far! Are you using fabric? I used to cross-stitch, then I got a job. ;) Have so many unfinished projects...

  2. Thanks Jen. I used the Aida fabric that came in the kit. You should come to craft night and bring along an unfinished project.