Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Met an Astronaut!

Ok this week hasn't been too much to share craft-wise in my life.  I am trying like mad to clean my house since I am hosting a monthly Womens Craft Group at my house.  I will be doing a short greeting card class for a few of the ladies in attendance so I have to find time to get all the parts and pieces ready before Thursday night.  Oh yeah and on Monday I met Astronaut Rex Walheim !  I got to go to an event where he was giving a presentation and then he gave out an autographed picture and then saw a teeny tiny flag that he took into space on USA's last mission from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  It meant a little more to me since we visited KSC in January 2011. 

Here are a few of my photos from our visit...

The launch pad.

The newspaper headline from the moon landing in Danish.

A pretty mural at the Visitor Center...can you find the Norwegian flag :) ?

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