Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Progress Photos and Finishes! Yes there is a s on the end as in Plural...

Well I have some real progress to show you this week...two project finishes!!

The first is that I finished the stitching on the Owl Growth Chart!  I still have to figure out how I am going to finish it so I can hang it up but the hard part is done!  I finished it on Tuesday so it only took about 3 months total to stitch.  I'll write more on the specifics later but I just had to share the good news.

Also I had another project finish!

This one was mostly finished but I picked it up again and finally finished stitching it!  But I'm not quite done with this one either since there is some finishing that I have to do since it is a bell pull wall hanging piece.  More details on this to follow...

Also I think I finally can see how obsessed I am with Owls ;).  I promise the next project I work on won't have an owl on it...well it might not...actually the more I think about it I can't promise that!

Oh and I am super excited to have my first real follower!  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Beautiful stitching! The owl growth chart is so Cuuuute!!! ^_^

    1. Thank you for the encouragent and for following my blog!