Monday, August 1, 2016

Stitch Maynia: Day 1 LOVE string art kit Start and Finish!

 Did I decided to participate in Stitch Maynia this year????

YES! I did.  I think working on the big owl growth chart that I felt obligated to stitch really made me want to have a new start sooo bad.  So I figured why not do 31 starts?  I have so many designs in my stash that I want to start someday, why not do it in May with others who are also doing the same thing?  At first it seemed hard to make it all the way to 31 starts.  I had a few kits and projects kitted up, but then I also bought a few new charts that had been on my wishlist for years.

Well this was my first start on Day 1...

And I have a finish of my first Maynia start LOVE string art kit by Dimensions!

This is my 3rd finish of 2016!!  This isn't actually cross stitch but it did use a needle and fiber.  The needle was VERY big compared to the size 26's I usually use, and the thread was yarn.  For this kit I had to use my imagination a bit on it to make the long stitches to fill in the letters as best as I could. The O with the heart in the center was the easiest part since it was so symmetrical.   It is done on sort of a thick felt piece with pre punched holes for the outlines of the letters.  This was one of my Christmas presents from my Mom this year :)  So on Day 1 of 31 I managed to get a finish!  I hope that this keeps up thru the rest of the Month long challenge but we shall see.  Until then...Happy Stitching!