Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Whine and WIPS June

Back in June I participated in a SAL in Stitch Maynia called Whine and WIPs.  Basically you choose some of your work in progresses that you whine about somehow for a whole month.  Some people picked tricky designs, or ones they are making for other people, but my choice was my old pal Girl with a Pearl Earring.

I chose this one because it makes me whine that I would really like to finish it this year, and also I was at the point where there is a lot of stitching with yellows and browns which are not favorite colors at all.  Anyways when I started in June (after a few days with no stitching after starting a new project each day with Stitch Maynia previously) I was where you can see below, except the head scarf was finished I just didn't have an overall photo of it complete.

And here are some of my progress pictures.

I had completed Page 7 of the design here below.

And here is where I left off at the end of the month!  I got quite a lot of stitching done on this design this month.  And at this point I only have two smaller pages left to complete and around 3 months left if I want to try to finish her this year!  Do you think I can finish her this year?  That is my goal.

Until the next time...Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow, you all did this in one month..Smoking needles!This is such a great piece and stitching it on black really brings the piece to life.
    You can surely complete it before year end.

  2. Great idea to stitch it on a dark fabric.
    Fantastic progress too!!

  3. That is a beautiful project. The colours are gorgeous! I'm sure you can finish it by the end of the year - you've stitched so much already!

  4. WOW you made lots of progress on her! She look great and YES I think you can do it!