Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Stitch Maynia: Day 4 Spring House

Day 4 was Spring House by Brooke's Books. I didn't get as much done because I was celebrating May the 4th by watching the new Star Wars movie :)  This is stitched on Light Nile Green #955, 22 count Aida on fabric from Stitchnmomma.

I got some of the white picket fence and started the flowers on the right side of the design.  I am using two threads practicing with the loop method of stitching.  I'm not sure if I will regret using two threads on such a small fabric count...I hope it works out!  I am really enjoying the loop method though.  I always used to hate starting new projects because I did not enjoy trying to leave a small tale and make sure that my first few stitches tacked it down.  The loop method is very freeing!  You can start anywhere you want!  See you soon...Happy Stitching!

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