Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Stitching in the Clouds...

Hello again :)  Almost one year ago my husband and I were able to take a short trip just outside of Kathmandu to a lovely resort in the city of Dhulikel, Nepal.  The resort was on top of a beautiful mountain which led to some pretty amazing views!  I even brought a new stitching project with me and got to "stitch in the clouds".

This is my project that I started last August for the "August ABC's" Challenge for the Stitch Maynia group on Facebook.  This is Map of Norway by Permin of Copenhagen.

When it is finished it will look like this...

Map of Norway kit (cross stitch)

I purchased the kit from a store when I lived in Oslo, Norway.  But after learning about all of the beautiful hand dyed fabrics out there, there was no way I could stitch it on the white Aida the kit came with.  So back in 2013 I ordered this gorgeous 28 count Lugana in the color called "Enchanted" from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.  I chose this color because I wanted the background to look like land and the sea to add to the map feeling of this design.

Here is some more progress.  I saw a similar waterfall when we did the "Norway in a Nutshell" tour from Oslo to Bergen on the West Coast of Norway.

Here I finally added the letters that made this fit into the theme of August ABC's.

Here are some more animals and cities added to the map.

Here is a close up of the Orca whales and Puffin birds in the design.

And here are a few of the gorgeous views from on top of the mountain in Dhulikel...

The clouds were amazing at sunset when we took this photo.

If you look closely, you can see the tip of Mount Everest and the snow capped Himalayan Mountains right in the very center of this photo.  Unfortunately this was the clearest view of them we had during the two days we were there.

This is the beautiful infinity pool, but the sky was very overcast at this time...

Here is another gorgeous sunrise view from on top of the mountain.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some beautiful views in Nepal and my new start of Map of Norway.

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Until the next time...Happy Stitching!


  1. We just rode the Flamsbana train this summer. Definitely a lovely set of views.

  2. Beautiful stitching update, the map is going to look fantastic on the superb fabric you've chosen :)

  3. Everytime you talk about Nepal, I feel like you are talking about my home.Well not exactly..but then Nepal and India has so much in common.The map is lovely and a great way to keep memories of places you have lived.

  4. Nepal looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing your photos.
    I would love to visit Norway one day. Your map is a lovely way to commemorate your time there.

  5. Oh my goodness, those views are gorgeous! Great stitching too - it's lovely to work on a piece with so much personal relevance! :D

  6. What an awesome view! I might not have been able to stitch with all the staring out the window I would have been doing! Love your piece and the fabric you picked for it.